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We don’t like to show our age but do you remember the Eighties craze for video cases that made your recorded episodes of Dynasty look like a well bound book? Well we’ve just found this decade’s version.


Meet the KleverCase, which promises to transform your kindle into a classic. These handmade cases are made using traditional book binding techniques at The Manor Bindery workshop in the New Forest, with each title fitting protectively around your chosen e-Reader.


So in case you end up sharing a carriage with Brian Sewell or Prof. Stephen Hawking you can impress them with a Short History of Art or Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.


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Each case has a specifically moulded interior which tightly grips your device and gives access to all ports and power buttons so you do not have to take it out at any time. You must buy a case for your specific device as the interior mould that holds it has purpose cut holes for buttons and access ports.


KleverCase for Kindle 3: H: 204mm W: 143mm D: 24mm (the one with the keyboard)

KleverCase for Kindle 4: H: 185mm W: 130mm D: 18mm (the one with 5 buttons on the bottom)

KleverCase for Kindle Touch: H: 185mm W: 130mm D: 18mm (the one with the black and white touch screen)

KleverCase for kindle Fire: H: 215mm W: 130mm D: 30mm (the one with the colour touch screen)


Burns Poetical Works

Alice in Wonderland

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Gulliver’s Travels


“My Kindle” in Tan, Green, Blue or Marble

These cases are usually in stock and can be delivered within 2-4 working days but as all cases are made by hand in busy periods please allow 5-7 working days


If you would like this item shipped outside UK, please contact us directly.